Monday, January 30, 2017

Let us get a divorce from the United States.

There is always a bully on the block. As one is defeated, another steps up to the plate automatically. US citizens tend to forget that we pretty much wiped out a people to come here, purposely destroyed the native creatures so that we could replace them with cattle, and have perpetrated a long list of quite serious war crimes.

The US was set up with a robust system, so that it would work for a long time. The 'founding fathers' [maybe there should have been some founding mothers!] determined that the states would function as separate countries that would unite when threatened from outside by other countries.

This would make foreign wars of conquest unlikely, but would prevent conquest of the continental US. Well, this plan did not work, and the federal government found that they could take the power from the states if they invented fake emergencies, and stayed involved in wars [covert or overt] .

It was also found that the states could be forced to do anything if they were levied with high federal taxes, and then the tax dollars would not be spent in state that were willing to do the bidding of the federal government.

Now, we get to 2017, where the oil companies have taken over the US federal government in a bloodless coup d' etat. The federal departments that would not follow the new regime into intolerance were gutted.
A vast propaganda campaign is being waged from the white house itself.

It seems that Americans need a war on US soil. It was not enough that US soldiers saw Europe destroyed and Germany divided. They long to see that sort of fighting. here. The military thinks that they can win any conflict. This is based on indecisive wars intended to grab oil from weak countries. China is not like Iraq!

We can not leave Trump in power, after he has refused to distance himself from his money making, filled his cabinet with greedy zombies, and showed us that he lacks the ability or desire to govern skillfully.

Yet, there seems no legal way to get rid of this group of abusive oilmen. The answer is for the states to leave the US. Any state that stays in the US wants border walls followed by mandatory participation in a world war. Concentration camps will very likely be used in states that remain United.

California is leading the way. The state has taken over some of the science tasks that were once done with federal dollars. People there are not interested in continuing with fossil fuel, excluding people for gender or race, or fighting in foreign oil wars. Cali will leave the US first, followed by Oregon and Washington. Others will follow, forming new countries that are groups of states bound together. At first, their main enemy will be the warlike US!

If we are lucky, Trump will be left president of the landlocked country of Wyoming. Uniting these states was a good experiment, but it has failed now. We should split up voluntarily before the rest of the world defeats us in war, and splits us up.

The differences between Trump supporters and the more educated liberal people have increased. We are now like a dysfunctional couple that needs a divorce. It is very tempting to stay in the relationship even though it is no longer productive. There is fear of being single, and fear of change itself. As a nation, we have learned that sometimes one has to take action when one's plane is hijacked. In the case of such strong action, remaining calm and in your seat means that you will be flown into a building!

I would like discussion on this, but it must be logical and polite. the comments section is open to non cursing Trump supporters, but not available to any portion of the Trump propaganda machine.

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